The Main Revolutionary Event Of 1789

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The main revolutionary event of 1789
Answer the both sub- questions:
(a) Study sources B, C. Compare these sources as evidence for the unrest in French provinces in the summer of 1789
(b) Study all the sources. Use your own knowledge to assess how far the sources support the interpretation that the main motive for revolutionary activity in 1789 was economic.
Source A: A leading politician of the Third Estate responds to the instruction of Louis XVI for the representatives in the Estates General to disperse, and stresses their political responsibility.
Let us ask ourselves what purpose brought us from every part of France to the Estates General. We are the people’s envoys, let us stay and fulfil our mission with courage. We swore an oath
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Their revolts, indeed, were a deciding factor in the decision to abolish the feudalism. So, Jean – Paul Rabaut Etienne admits in his speech in Paris to economic hardship, that working class plays an important role in the state’s development, it is an important detail in the state’s engine which helps economy to maintain. However, he also admits the fact that the Third Estate is being treated badly and not equally, and it has to be fixed. For that reason, he addressed to the Government to include their rights into the Declaration of Rights.
French revolution in long- term was formed by social conditions, where the society was classified by its origins. However, an immediate cause is financial collapse of government finances. Because of the bad harvest in 1787 and 1788, there was a food deficit and, consequently, rising prices on bread and other products of nourishment. Due to continuous participation of France to wars during the ruling of Louis XV, the government treasury was partly empty. In addition, the decision of Louis XVI to participate in the Independence war in US only caused more of damage to the French Economy, increasing both the rate of taxation and rate of unemployment. Moreover, the Emperor’s whims were extremely expensive for France at that time,


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