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Q. 1 a)
In order to grow the business, I have completed a SWOT analysis table, looking at the headings of the HRM, accounting and finance and the marketing departments as all of the findings need to be taken into account when making any business decisions. Below I have shown my swot analysis table. This is used to ensure that I have taken all aspects of the business into account before I analyse where the strengths and weakness of the company lie.

SWOT Analysis for SHP. (Second Hand Phones)

|Human Resource Management |Accounting and Finance |Marketing |
|Strengths | |
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SHP have just entered the “Best Company to Work For” list, which shows that there have good staff relations within the company. Ensuring staff are content is also seen as good business ethics, as employees that are content in their working environment tend to be more productive and more loyal to the business.

Q3 a)
SHP has a number of stakeholders which include, the owners ( Simon Walsh and Craig Smith), their overseas business partners (The Green Foundation) in Dubai and The landmark group which is one of the largest retailers in the Middle East, and the shareholders which include many of their eighty five staff, who benefit from an equity share scheme. The staff benefiting from the equity share scheme range from senior management to the telesales staff. All staff with shares would see the benefits from working within the company and would be keen on the companies expansion into the new potential markets thus increasing the value of their shares. All of the stakeholders will naturally show interest in the financial growth or decline of the business as it would impact on their potential earnings or returns. If SHP were to continue with their plans to grow the business and move on with other business opportunities it could impact on all of the above stakeholders. In my view the main financial stakeholders would the overseas partners