Aztec Culture

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Name: Yu Zhao
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Date: 1st July 2013
Horticulture, as an industry, is divided on the basis of crop and plant use. Horticulture can be divided into two groups including edible plants and aesthetic plants which means those grown for their beauty. Floriculture is the cultivation and management of cut flowers, flowering plants, and foliage plants. When the horticulture or intensive agriculture performed by women, they are recognized as less important. However, historically women’s roles were equally if not more important than those of men. Women were given high respect and equality in horticulture ancient societies like Trobriand & Kapauku. Aggregate data shows that women comprise
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The lake was not having much amount of edible fish to feed, so they used to feed rat, bats, frogs and insects for the survival. They given high importance to horticulture as in vegetation they were only dependent on 2 things, sweet potatoes and staple as their native diet(Peters-Golden 2002b: 138). Due to up-hill terrain it was difficult to have intensive or extensive agricultural crop fields so they were more focused in encouraging in forming vegetation in form of gardens. Other vegetation like banana, cucumbers, gourds were also grown which devoted their 90 percent of the cropland(Peters-Golden 2002b: 138).Whole society had divided the manufacturing process amongst the men and women, as all the large nets for fishing and roomy carrying bags are woven by women where as men used to manufacture decorative bags worn around ne or on the shoulder for adornment or used to carry money which was basically made-up of bright feathers, shells and fur(Pospisil 1960). It states that women were not given much importance to be involved in creative manufacturing work. The marriage system was very intense as marriage ideally occurs between the families of the prospective groom and brothers and mother of the prospective bride(Peters-Golden 2002b: 142).By following this ritual the importance of women increased in their culture and sometimes price used to be set by mother for the bride. Politically all the


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