Applebee's Evaluation

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Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood As my girlfriend and I pull into a crowded parking lot during a chilly Friday evening, we struggle to find a spot of our own, but manage to do so as we take the place of another young couple as they pull out to leave. I put the car in park as we both gaze at the numerous parties walking into the restaurant. A bright sign, hung lit overhead, shining the phrase "Applebee's Neighborhood Bar and Grill" atop a red brick building. Awnings were placed above every window, and resting on the ground, between each window, was a wooden park bench surrounded by lush, green foliage on either side. The whole place looked as if it had been pulled straight from a friendly neighborhood in the heart of the big apple. I …show more content…

Before me was a steaming piece of grilled chicken, drizzled with zesty lime

sauce, topped with mexi-ranch and jack-cheddar sauces, and served with crisp tortilla strips, seasoned rice, and pico de gallo. It was an original creation, unlike anything that could ever be found at any other restaurant. The meal was presented decoratively with the red, green, and white colored tortilla strips sprinkled about, and yellow pieces of corn scattered throughout the brown Spanish rice. The chicken itself was a masterpiece, as every bite had a wonderful Mexican flavor complimented by a hint of lime that added tang and zest, but was not overpowering. I glanced over at my girlfriend's dinner selection, and looked upon six boring pieces of chicken strips, with a side of average looking fries. After tasting them she said how much more she enjoyed the same meal when purchased from Outback Steakhouse. It was obviously nothing special when compared to my exotic and delicious fiesta lime chicken. Overall I had an amazing time and was very pleased with my experience at Applebee's. We were greeted by a friendly face and promptly seated as we walked trough the door. Sheila was extraordinarily friendly and comforting, which complimented her speedy service. I've never tasted anything quite like their signature creation of fiesta lime chicken, and would highly recommend it to anyone who dines at Applebee's. It may, however, be a good idea to refrain from your everyday basket of


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