Ethics Game Simulation Paper

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Ethics Game Simulation
Krystal Beamon
February 28, 2010
Erica Baker

Ethics can be defined as the principles, norms, and standards of conduct governing an individual or group. Business ethics involves employees, managers, and other important members of the organization. In the ethics simulation one was responsible for making important decisions regarding the company G-BioSport. Before making these decisions one had to go through four different lenses and steps of the critical decision making process. These lenses included the Rights and Responsibility lens, the Results lens, the Relationship lens, and the Reputation lens. After thoroughly going through each lens, one was able to make decisions based on virtues, values, and
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Examples of how the concepts would relate to a workplace would be during employment at the Epilepsy foundation. In this position one came across a situation in which a co worker gave out the wrong medication because she had lost her glasses. We all had to decide whether to tell the manager or to let it go because it did not harm the patient. One believed it would be best to tell the manager just in case something had happened to the patient where he got very ill or even died. By doing this the employee felt she had been betrayed and the whole issue could have been avoided if some had kept their mouths shut. My argument was that if it were someone I knew; I would want to know about it for many reasons. One, it could save a life, and two, if I were the one that made the mistake, then getting in trouble would cause one to learn from the mistake. By making this choice we to tell we respected the rights of the patient to get proper treatment, saved many of the employees his or her jobs, and saved the company from what could have been a huge lawsuit. The decision followed values, morals, and virtue just as the decisions did in the simulation.
Social pressures tend to affect many employees daily. Employees think they are under the microscope and the one to blame if they make the wrong decision. This may be true of some decisions, but the best decision in the end protects everyone. In the simulation, one saw how making decisions may have put everyone at


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