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Matthew Nutt
Mr. Bema
November 20, 2012
Final Draft
In the pamphlets “The Crisis” and “The Word and the Silence” Thomas Paine and Subcomandante Marcos formulated arguments based on the struggle between oppressive regimes and the commoners suffering it. Their purpose was to influence a justification to revolt in the common people as well as to establish how they needed to fight the oppression. The rhetorical devices used by Thomas Paine and Marcos can be compared in the sense that they both display anaphora, loaded language, and a credibility ethos to create an emotional, and inspiring tone to help their audience embrace revolt in a positive way. After coming to these conclusions, I was able to extrapolate a new insight on
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This is proven where he said “long live the indigenous Mexicans” which establishes that he believed the fight was bearable and that they were destined to continue existence no matter how difficult the struggle was. Paine also uses loaded language for the same purpose. He said “Not a place upon earth might be so happy as America. Her situation is remote from all the wrangling world, and she has nothing to do but to trade with them. A man can distinguish himself between temper and principle, and I am as confident, as I am that God governs the world, that America will never be happy till she gets clear of foreign dominion”. (1) He believed that America was an amazing country, but it would never be able to reach that amazingness until it rid itself of Britain oppression which was ignorant to all other situations on the planet except for economics. This is justified by his use of “happy as America” and “she has nothing to do but trade with him” proving that he understood the value of a world that wasn’t ruled by tyranny and suffering. Paine used loaded language in this statement with a phrase comparing America’s situation to something supernatural when he said “as I am that God governs the world” showing that it would take mighty effort from the common


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