Analysis of Women's Effects of the Cuban Revolution

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The Effects of the Cuban Revolution on Women’s lives and Gender relations in Cuba from 1959 to 1990

The lives of women had changed in a good way. The way it was before the revolution they had no rights and their husband or father was the one in charge, as it says in document 1 “…the mothers and the daughters had to tolerate the male authority as longed they lived the father or husband.” No matter what starting from birth if you were a girl you were always gonna be under male authority whether it was their own father or their husband no women could be free. But things started to change in 1960 when young women were able to go to school to learn basic job skills like it says in document 2 “…14,000 young women from the countryside,
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And in Document 9 it shows that because of the revolution and how they got more freedom more women started getting into politics and the female participation rates went up Young Communist local leaders went from 22% to 48% female participation and Young Communist members went from 29% to 41% female participation. So the revolution has good effects on women they started to do more things they got involved more they weren’t just a house item anymore they had freedom and rights but later on but men still never really paid attention their families in document it states “However, we have not yet seen the same progress on men’s participation in the sphere of family life, in the fulfillment of their responsibilities as fathers and co participants in the family.” The men aren’t really focusing on their families as much and women are getting upset because it also states “Working women still bear the full responsibility for the education and formation of their children, as well as household chores and organization.” “this gives rise to the extremely unfair “double work shift” that exhausts women” women are complaining that because men don’t take part of their family that women have more work around the house that they still have to do. So that is one bad thing about women having freedom. In conclusion the revolution had more good


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