Divergent Anti Hero Essay

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Amanda Schnur
Ms. Kidd y-03-18 A Female Anti-Hero
In the movie “Divergent” directed by Neil Burger, the central character Beatrice, shows many different characteristics of being an anti-hero. Beatrice Prior otherwise known as Tris is the main protagonist character and the narrator of the film. She is a strong willed 16 year old who lives in a society divided into groups called factions, based on individual human virtues. With her coming of age, she must now choose one of the factions to live in for the rest of her life, Abnegation (selfless), Erudite (intelligent), Candor (honest), Amity (peaceful) or Dauntless (brave). The definition of an anti-hero would be the main or central character in a story, movie or play who does not
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Who’s going to take her place at the bottom? I just wanna know how you do it?” (Burger 2014) This statement from Peter is important not only because you can see him getting jealous but he says this statement in front of many of the Dauntless members getting the rest of the group to question how she became so good, so fast, making her misunderstood by society. Tris being misunderstood by society relates back to my overall theme of challenging the societal beliefs because she has not told anyone about her being Divergent. Also she has trained herself to be able to fit in with the rest of the Dauntless faction just incase people start to catch on. She has became really good at all the phases and has not told anyone, resulting in her breaking the law. Tris almost dies in the movie when four of the Dauntless group members realize she is a threat and wants to get rid of her. Thankfully, Four shows up and stops her from getting thrown off the cliff. There was not any solid evidence of the Dauntless getting jealous but Four later says, “Fear does something strange to people like Al, but not to you. Fear doesn’t stretch you down, it wipes you up” (Burger 2014) This line shows that people fear Tris because she is superior to them and they cannot rap their minds around how she got so good so fast. Since Tris is now one of the best and is taking the spots of all the other group members, which is illegal because she is Divergent