7 Eleven Pest Analysis

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1.1 CompanyBackground(7-Eleven)
7-Eleven, founded in 1927 in Dallas, Texas, is the world's largest operator and licenser of convenience stores with more than 21,000 units worldwide and nation's largest independent gasoline retailers. The name 7-Eleven was originated in 1946 when the stores were open from 7am to 11pm. Today, offering customers 24-hour convenience, seven days a week is the cornerstone of 7-Eleven's business.

1.2 Customer-Orientated Factors

7-Eleven focused on meeting the needs of convenience-oriented customers by providing a broad selection of fresh, high-quality products and services at everyday fair prices, speedy transactions and a clean, safe and friendly shopping environment. Each
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The nature of the GST was to change the way in which a large percentage of the nations tax was collected, thus automatically pressuring small businesses into purchasing complicated business software, when many of these businesses have never operated with computers. Not only did the GST mean the installation of expensive computer programs but it also lead to added complications with the running of small businesses and as was the case of many small family milk bars the added expense and complication proved to be too much.
2.3 Political Factors
2.3.1 Government Action Regarding Trading Hours
On September 12, 1996, the Shop Trading Reform Bill was introduced into the Victorian Parliament and acted as a turning point which dramatically liberalised retail trading in Victoria. The bill was essentially about freedom. "It is about the freedom of local communities to determine their own retail commercial environment" (Hon, Mark Birrell M.P 16th 1996 October Legislative Council) Under this legislation shop trading was able to trade 24 hours a day seven days a week except on Christmas Day, Good Friday and before 1pm on Anzac Day. As evident in Diagram 3.2 trading limitations have slowly been diminishing since the 1950's.
Table 2.1 History Of Legislative


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