Personal Ethics

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What should be done right after a shock has been delivered and no signs of life are obvious?
-give chest compr

What is the preferred method for performing 1-rescuer CPR on an infant?
-use 2 fingers
A 48-year-old male was working on a construction site on a very hot and humid day. He staggers to your vehicle and tells you that he is dizzy, his legs are cramping, and he feels sick. He is sweating, and his skin feels hot and wet. What would you suspect?
-Heat exhaustion
You tried to give the first breath to an unconscious choking infant, but the air did not go in. You repositioned the head and attempted another breath. The air still did not go in or make the chest rise. What should you do next?
-Give 30 chest compressions/ 2 finger
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Glucose gel

You are driving down the road when the car in front of you hits a pedestrian. As you slam on the brakes and your car comes to a stop, you see a man lying in the middle of the road about 30 feet away in front of the car that hit him. Other people are staring and trying to see what happened. What should you do?
Make sure the scene is safe, ensure personal protection, check the patient for responsiveness, then call 911
Stay away because you might get some kind of disease from the man if he's bleeding
Let somebody else help because you don't want to take a chance on doing something wrong and hurting the man
Drive on by because you don't want to get sued for doing anything incorrectly

After attempting one breath that doesn't go in, you reposition the head of an unconscious choking woman and attempt a second breath. The breath still will not go in and the chest will not rise. What is your next action?
Give abdominal thrusts
Reposition the head and reattempt 2 breaths
Perform a finger sweep
Give 30 chest compressions at a rate of at least 100 per minute
Your neighbor runs to you panicked holding her 6-month-old boy. The baby is awake but turning blue around the mouth and nose. He looks like he is gagging but not


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