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Those interested in marketing on the Internet will find a lot of good information here. Crain Communications offers current articles, useful tips, a guide to web site pricing, and a terrific dictionary of Internet terms.

This online publication offers articles regarding the Internet as well as digital technology. The authors have also compiled some useful information resources and offer downloads from the Department of Commerce.



This excellent collection of "all the key resources you’ll need to develop, write, edit, publish, market, and promote your Web site" offers Web publishing, marketing, and promotion resources, a marketing information page, and an outline of a proposed Internet marketing textbook.

Copyright is an area of law struggling to keep up with the explosion of online technology. Check out the status of various cases, opinions, and more on this valuable resource.


Part of Advertising Age's web site, this is an in-depth history of TV advertising from the 40's to the 90's, with a time line.

Articles from this print journal, focusing on financial services marketing issues, are available online. Access to full articles is limited to subscribers, but they do offer a free 30 day trial subscription.


This journal proclaims itself the first online journal for marketing, consumer behavior, and strategy research. Articles are produced to be read in Adobe Acrobat.


Direct marketers and advertisers in all types of media, take note. This site has done a great job of cataloguing the resources that might be of use to you. You'll find everything from links to commentary to approaches and discussion lists...not to mention links to the top Web sites in these categories.

This site includes Media Logic's Business Cycle Indicators (access to 16 categories of 256 data series that make up the Business Cycle Indicators published by the US Bureau of Economic Analysis).

Before you start laughing at the irony of this concept, take a look. While e-mail is a valuable marketing tool of the future, snail mail isn't going away. It remains a valuable part of the marketing tool portfolio, and this site offers a lot of great information. Don't miss it!

An online consultant uses this site as his home base, and he offers his regular columns on a number of issues relating to publishing and news services, and how the Internet impacts them and provides them with new opportunities...and challenges. There are a lot of links to examples of online newspapers and magazines as well as some discussion lists. Very informative site for those in the news and publishing businesses.

Great information on how to get publicity, along with case studies/success stories, and tips, news, and more. Also a good section on how to handle public relations nightmares. Great service, and very useful.

A detailed look at the genesis and development of some great marketing ideas, covered in enough detail to get your brain going as well. Very cool, and a very useful tool for marketing students and professional marketers. Don't miss it!!!

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