Butterfly Revolution

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Claudia Garrity
Mrs. Proud
The Butterfly Revolution, William Butler
Lord of the Flies, William Goulding
1-221; 1-208, Response #1

In the two novels The Butterfly Revolution and Lord of the Flies, both convey the themes corruptive nature of power and mankind's potential for evil. In the Butterfly Revolution, boys that age from ten to seven teen attend a summer camp named High Pines. The camp was delightful for the younger boys, but the older boys were not so entertained. The "big boys" were bored by games that they thought of as games for children (capture the flag, swimming, marshmallow roasts, baseball, etc.) The boys were separated into their cabins by their age. In these cabins, cabin leaders were chosen by the people who lived
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With the setting change from just High Pines to High Pines and Low Pines, the plot was drastically turned in a new direction.
Lord of the Flies’ setting was more problematic and dramatic. The group of boys happened to find themselves on a hot, fruit-filled island after their airplane crashed. “Every point of the mountain held up trees – flowers and trees” (30). The island, filled with vegetation, was beautiful. Unfortunately, to survive the boys had to hunt pigs for meat. “He snatched his knife out of the sheath and slammed it into a tree trunk. Next time there would be no mercy. He looked round fiercely, daring them to contradict” (31). This was Jack’s first attempt at getting a pig, and when he failed, the boys were unsatisfied and too afraid to speak up. Jacks tyranny intimidated the group, but if they all would have stuck up for themselves Jack would not have acted that way. They also had the idea to put fires in different areas to signal that they needed help. How did the boys manage to make fire? Piggy’s glasses were the key to the fire, and later on in the novel the two separated groups fight over the glasses meanwhile poor Piggy is blind. If the airplane would not have been shot down, and they would have gone to their destination, they would have been in the midst of a war.
All in all, setting plays a big role in a book, and location is key. What if the boys’


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