tonicity on cell membrane lab report

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Effects of Tonicity on Cell Membrane

Abstract The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effects of tonicity on a cell membrane using red blood cells, potato strips and three unknown solutions (A, B, C). First three slides were prepared containing RBC’s and unknown solutions A, B and C. A control slide was prepared only using RBC’s. After observing each slide under the microscope it was determined that unknown solution A was hypertonic because the RBC appeared to have shrunk. The RBC in unknown solution B appeared to be swollen, therefor, the tonicity of unknown solution B was hypotonic. Unknown solution C showed no change to the RBC shape, it was suggested that unknown solution C was isotonic. To confirm the tonicity
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A drop of blood was placed in each of the slides. Immediately after, 1 drop of Solution A was added to Slide 2, 1 drop of Solution B was added to Slide 3, and 1 drop of Solution C was added to Slide 4. Slide 1 served as the control, therefore, no solution drops were added to Slide 1. All 4 slides were lined up on a paper towel with its corresponding labels: Control, Solution A, Solution B, and Solution C.
Once all slides were prepared, the microscope was adjusted appropriately. The slide labeled “Control” was placed under the microscope at the lowest magnification. The microscope was further calibrated and adjusted accordingly to the higher magnification to view best results under the microscope. The team reviewed the tonicity and size of the cells under the microscope and observations were noted. The next 3 slides were viewed under the microscope in the same manner as the control slide. Each slide was examined, evaluated, and analyzed by the individual team members. Observations and conclusions were drawn for each slide and solution.
The following materials were prepared for the second part of the experiment: four pieces of potato sliced in identical proportions, Solution A, Solution B, and Solution C in its respective containers with corresponding labels. One potato was placed on a clean piece of paper towel and was labeled the control. The three remaining slices of potato were each placed in a Solutions container and submerged


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