Web Server Application Attacks

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Running Head: Web Server Application Attacks

Web Server Application Attacks

Assignment # 1

Mariz Cebron

Common web application vulnerabilities and attacks, and recommend mitigation strategies The World Wide Web has evolved into a critical delivery pipeline for institutions to interact with customers, partners and employees. Via browsers, people use web sites to send and receive information via Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) messages to web applications housed on web servers. This information, expected as legitimate messages, can be used illegitimately in unauthorized ways to compromise security vulnerabilities a.) Authentication - one of the biggest
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Today we are releasing 1.7GB of data that used to belong to the United States Bureau of Justice, until now. Within the booty you may find lots of shiny things such as internal emails, and the entire database dump. We lulled as they took the website down after being owned; clearly showing they were scared of what inevitably happened. We do not stand for any government or parties; we stand for freedom of people, freedom of speech and freedom of information. We are releasing data to spread information, to allow the people to be heard and to know the corruption in their government. We are releasing it to end the corruption that exists, and truly make those who are being oppressed free. “The price we pay very often is our own freedom. The price governments’ pay is the exposure of their corruption and the truth being revealed, for the truth will set us free in the end. So once more we call on you. Hackers, activists, and freedom fighters; join us in our struggle against these corporate hypocrites (Anonymous).
Although DDoS attacks cannot be prevented outright, organizations are not defenseless. By working with their Internet service providers and deploying specialized DDoS defense technologies and services, government and political organizations can mitigate the effects of DDoS attacks to ensure that election-based information, voting details, and general political services remain available over the Internet. There are several steps that government agencies


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