Equivalant Fractions with Unlike Denominators

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In elementary math there are several concepts about fractions. One concept students in fourth grade will need to master is learning how to tell if fractions are equivalent with unlike denominators. There are a few prerequisite skills that are necessary in order for the students to understand this concept. The first thing students need to know is what fractions are. Fractions are a way of counting parts of a whole. Secondly, the students need to know how to identify parts of a fraction. The top number in a fraction is the numerator. The numerator is the number of parts in a whole (Eather). The bottom number in a fraction is the denominator. The denominator is the number of parts the whole is divided into (Eather). Lastly, the student will …show more content…

Show the students a couple examples, if i have 3/10 an equivalent fraction is 6/?.. If we multiplied 3 by (what) to get 6, which is 2. We need to also multiply 10 by 2 to get 20. You can double check yourself by divining 6/20 by two to get 3/10. Another way to double check your work is by cross multiplying. If we multiply the numerator of the first problem (3) by the denominator of the second problem (20) and the denominator of the first problem (10) by the numerator of the second problem (6), they should equal the same. 3 times 20 is 60 and 10 times 6 is 60, so we have found equivalent fractions. You could also show the students a way of proving that two fractions aren't equivalent. If you were to take 3/4 and 2/12.. are these equivalent fractions? If we cross multiply 3 times 12 and 4 times 2, do we get the same answer? 3 times 12 is 36 and four times two is 8, these fractions are not equivalent. Once the lesson has been taught the teacher can give the students a worksheet with ten fractions, the students are solve the problems per the written instruction.
1. Find an equivalent fraction for 4/12.
2. Find and equivalent fraction for 8/16.
3. Find an equivalent fraction for 3/5.
4. Find the missing number 2/3 = 6/ __ ?
5. Find the missing number 4/12 = 12/ ___ ?
6. Find the missing number 2/9 = ___/ 36?
7. Are these fractions equivalent 2/5 and 10/25?
8. Are these fractions equivalent 2/11 and