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HR 0277- Change, Work and Diversity

British Airways Change Management Programme 2009---2011

Veronica Jayaram
Hu Yu

23rd May 2015

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Part 1 Research Report—The BA Dispute Page

1.1 Internal & external factors contextual factors which influenced the introduction of strategic changes at BA

1.2 An evaluation of the nature of these strategic changes, detailing the actual changes which went ahead at BA.

1.3 An outline of the change management strategy used to execute these strategic changes

1.4 The
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British Airways tries to focus on communication that is why they organise meetings where employees can ask questions, suggest ideas and complain. But face-to face meeting are not the only way to inform the staff other communication channels include a personalised Internet, mobile SMS messaging, video and a variety of Company-wide and local newsletter” . Focusing on employee relations is one of the most beneficial way in this situation. „ We continue to work towards resolving the cabin crew dispute and, longer term, we want to work with the unions to create a new modern framework for industrial relations within British Airways „. (Annual Report of BA 2010)

Conclusion and Recommodation
As everyone know the disputes started one year ago, but the relationship between the two parties is still miffed. According to the latest news (Guardian 2010), „ BA crew step nearer strike vote after suspension over Christmas collection. Union's 'dismay and anger' after a woman is sent home for collecting money for sacked and suspended colleague” Because of that the majority of the staff voted for strike, it can be held before Christmas. From my point of view, the strategic of BA focuses on increasing the employee motivation and it should work, but the problem is that the communication between the management and the employees does not work well and because of that they


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