To the Flowers of Heidelberg

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Go to my country, go foreign flowers,
Planted by the traveler on his way,
And there beneath that sky of blue
That over my beloved towers,
Speak for this traveler to say
What faith in his homeland he breathes to you.
(Rizal in this paragraph poetically requests the flowers of Heidelberg to speak of him in the Philippines)

Go and say.... Say that when the dawn
First brew your calyx open there
Beside the River Necker chill,
You saw him standing by you, very still,
Reflecting on the primrose flush you wear.

Say that when the morning light
Her toll of perfume from you wrung,
While playfully she whispered, "How I love you!"
He too murmured here above you
Tender love songs in his native tongue.

That when the rising
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Later he decided to return to the country despite repeated warning from his friends and relatives.

Benigno Ramos
Kung ikaw, Panulat, ay di magagamit kundi sa paghamak sa Bayang may hapis, manong mabakli ka't ang taglay mong tulis ay bulagin ako't sugatan sa dibdib.

Kung dahil sa iyo'y aking tutulungan ang nagsisilat sa dangal ng Bayan, manong mawala ka sa kinalalagyan, at nang di na kita magawang pamaslang! . .

Di ko kailangang ang ikaw'y gamitin kung sa iyong katas ang Baya'y daraing, ibig ko pang ikaw'y trupuki't tadtarin kaysa maging sangkap sa gawaing taksil…
Di ko kailangang ikaw ay magsalabog ng bango sa landas ngmasamang-loob ibig kopang ikaw'y magkadurug-durog kaysa magamit kong sa Baya'y panlubog.

Kailangan kita sa gitna ng digma, hayo't ibangon mo ang lahat ng dukha! hayo't ibagsak mo ang mga masiba!

(For me the poem is about a writer who believes that writing is such a powerful tool that it can be the source of a country’s downfall or success. And for him if it will only ruin the society he'd rather not take advantage of the power of his words in writing, but rather he will write for the betterment of the


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