chapter 9 documents

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Chapter 9 documents

Document 9.1
1. What specific prescriptions for social life do these selections contain? Notice in particular those directed toward the weakest members of society. How would you describe the Quran’s view of a good society?
These selections contain the idea that society is supposed have people that wish good onto others and speak to others and about others in a kind way. Society is expected to be in constant prayer and also expected to contribute to charity. The Quran sets up basic guidelines for the people on marriage, god, etc. The attitude towards the weak members of society is good; there are plenty of statements regarding being nice to the poor and unfortunate ones. Their view
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They are distinctly Islamic in their teachings about giving back and treatment of their family and the less fortunate. Also, to live modestly is a recurring theme of the hadiths, but, in our society, many people give back and do good unto others and embrace their separate religions.

Document 9.3: The Voice of the Law
1. What do you find most striking about the legal prescriptions in these passages?
If someone refuses to pat zakat, alms for the poor, and “denies its obligatory character,” they are put to death. I’m surprised by how much helping the poor is emphasized and how harsh the punishment is. 2. In what ways do these selections draw on and apply the teachings of the Quran and the hadiths?
These selections draw on and apply teachings of the Quran and the hadiths by emphasizing the equal treatment of others and regulate these in the document. In addition, the selections display the value of doing good onto others, which is a direct application of the teachings of the Quran. 3. How does the role of law in early Islamic civilization differ from that of modern Western society?
The role of law in early Islamic civilization was to make sure people followed their religion as well as follow the teachings in the Quran and it relates to the values of their religion, which is expressed in the Quran. While, modern Western society is not as religious and is more secular in their views and roles of law. 4. Why do you think the role of


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