Case Bottling

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Problem Statement:

The main problem in this case “Bottling at Creemore Springs Brewery” is that will the cleaning of the bottles change to be in the house cleaning or maintain its current method of cleaning with a contractor. Having Thompson and Fuller responsible for the decision to be made, which have to be a strategic one or it will effect the long term profitability and success of the company. They have to make the company be more productive and efficient.

Problems/Sub problems/Issues:

There are two kinds of aspects in this case, one is the current cleaning process and the other is the new cleaning process.

The current processes of cleaning the bottles have been done fairly well. The Creemore Spring drivers have to
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However if the bottles were not cleaned properly then Creemore wont have anything to fill their product in and in turn they would not be able to make profits.


They would get a10, because they are doing a proper job in cleaning the bottles, if they did not Creemore would have to re-clean the bottles to reach its quality standards. It would be a waste of money cleaning the bottles two times, wages of labor and cost of cleaning the bottles.


The contractor got a 10 because they have to return all the bottles they had received in order to have Creemore working with them, and their business running smoothly.


The contractor got a 5 because the price is not relevant when it comes to the selling of the product to the Creemore’s customers.


The contractor got a 10 because they have to meet the standard of the Creemore’s in order to keep everything running smoothly. Which the contractor would make Creemore’s


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