Son by Yiyun Li

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Son, written by Yiyun Li. Karolina Strömberg 10SPC Han are an ethnic group native to East Asia. Han is the majority ethic group of the chinese population and by that one can think that maybe the name Han (in the story) was decided because he is not so different from others as he thinks he is. That his mother will wait at the airport for him with a photo album that contains pictures of woman that he can marry. A diamond bachelor has usually passed the optimum marriage years, but is much valued because he is successful in his career and has status in society. Many women desire such bachelors. In this content filial duty (duty of a son)is for Han to marry a woman and having a son to make his mother and the …show more content…

Anyhow he does care a lot about his mother, he is sending a part of his salary to her every year and he pays her visits. He really wants to be the good son but is not willing to sacrifice a part of himself for it. Han describes the accident as a trauma and people running worried and he knows that it is the boy he paid not to attend church. Han blames the accident on himself and his disbelief. He feel connected with the boy in some levels because this boy will never become a father. Just like Han. From Han's point of view the communist party is not something good. He thinks badly of the ones that rules the country. Therefor may this story not be appreciated in China and it can because of that change Yiyun Li's option of visiting China some day. As written before Han is an homosexual and that also means that he never will become a father. In China it is an important thing for a man to have a son, it is important for the man's parents and for the whole society. With that in mind Han's choice of staying by his choice and not marrying a woman must have been rather hard for him and it is a hurtful thought for Han. It is not okay to be a homosexual in the Christian belief. A man should marry a woman and therefor Han feels that he is doomed. He is not coming to heaven so why should he even bother believing,. He uses those words partly to


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