Why Did Germany Lose World War Two, Despite Its Victories Early in the

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The defeat of Germany in World War Two was due to many factors. All of these factors were influenced by the leadership and judgment of Adolf Hitler. Factors such as the stand fast policy, Hitler's unnecessary and risky decision making in military situations, for example when attacking the USSR, and the declaration of war on the US. Plus other factors, like Hitler's alliance with Italy, despite its obvious weaknesses, and the pursuit of the final solution, can all be attributed to the poor leadership and judgement of the Fuhrer, which would eventually lead to the downfall of the Third Reich.
<br>During the early stages of the war, most of Germany's victories were because of the success of blitzkrieg, or lightening war. Blitzkrieg
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Originally planned for May 1941, the campaign was postponed, which meant a waste of good weather and also the chance of fighting a battle during the harsh winter months, to help their allies, the Italians in the Balkan's.
<br>By September, the Germans had reached Leningrad but the Russians put up a strong defence. Winter had set in, and the German army had become immovable. The Germans were freezing, as they were unprepared for the extreme temperatures because Hitler had been so confident when launching the attack that his troops would defeat the Russians before October, that many of the German troops only had summer gear. As the Russian offensive began, Hitler refused to let the German troops retreat. Even though their opponents, The Red Army, were fully equipped with artillery, armour and reserves closer to the front, plus they were fully prepared for a winter battle. The German's underestimated the strength of the Russians. Hitler was determined to hold his ground. The swift victory Hitler had demanded did not come. Due to Hitler's own strategic decisions, Germany, with their military resources tied up on the east, plus a battle still raging on the West, was now subjected to a long drawn out two front war, which it could not maintain.
<br>Declaring war on the US was another of Hitler's critical errors as it was unnecessary because the US had not made a single move towards


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