The Five Most Important Ideas in Up from Slavery

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“Up from Slavery” is an autobiography written by Booker T. Washington. The book mainly talks about Washington’s life and how he had over come a lot of obstacles to reach his success. The book teaches us a lot of things, some of them are still useful today. There are five significant ideas that Booker wanted the readers to learn from his book; these five things are: education, slavery, work, the relationship between two races and the meaning of success. The most obvious and significant idea of this book is the value of education. As a young man, Washington used to admire a man who can read the newspaper for the people in his town. He realized the important of education; he said “The picture of several dozen boys and girls in a school …show more content…

(Page 220) This idea in the book is still useful in today world because there are many different races in the United States_ not only Black and White, and we must bone a good relationship between the races in order to maintain peace. Booker T. Washington’s life was a big success. He had over come so many obstacles before he reached his goal. “My whole former life_ my life as a slave on the plantation, my work in the coal-mine, the times when I was without food and clothing, when I made my bed under a side walk, my struggles for an education, the trying days I had had at Tuskegee, days when I did not know where to turn for a dollar to continue to work there, the ostracism and sometimes oppression of my race.” (Page 296) Washington believed that success is measured by the obstacles we have over come to reach it, not what we have actually attained. This may only be an opinion, but it’s true and we’re still facing this everyday in our life. One can only be call success if he or she had over come the obstacles a long the way. In conclusion, Booker T. Washington’s life through the book had taught us many valuable lessons in life. Despite the fact that he was born as a slave, Washington never gave up his dream to get a higher education; he also taught us the dignity of work, and the meaning of success. Washington was the most famous


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