Wheatley Leadership

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Week 4 Discussion Question for Group B:

Group B

Oscar Miranda Reyes

Crystal Alexander

Tashia Orr

Lourdes Gonzales

Wenchey Johnson

Looking back on your business and personal experience, do you have any stories to tell that contrast the “old” and the “new” stories of leadership as Wheatley, describes them? Have you practiced or been informed by either leadership approach?

Wheatley (2007) describes the old story of leadership as “a story of dominion and control, and all-encompassing materialism.” It can be explained by analogizing it to a machine; a lifeless object that does not have the capability to think, feel, or make decisions. It, the machine, functions quite like the old story of leadership by where there are
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Organization is a process, not a structure.” (Wheatley, 2007, p. 27). The new story of leadership is based on humanness, a realization, appreciation, and commitment to people more than processes. I believe that the new leader in charge of the right people will produce a good product. I also believe that a good product without the right people will eventually fail or worse, never be acknowledged. We are people working, creating, building, and selling, for other people. Humanity is in and of itself diverse, without perfection, and intertwined. When we place value on these inherent attributes, leading becomes a little less “…exhaustive” and more in line with our natural selves (Wheatley, 2007, p. 20).

Wheatley describes the “old” story and “new “story as being a hierarchy. Some businesses utilize a flat organizational structure in which there are a few levels of management between the front line and the top executives. Organizations that have open door policies form strong employee relationships therefore achievements are clearly recognized.

The new story in contrast to the old story of leadership has new boundaries. New Story entrepreneurs are becoming leaders in innovators and technology through breaking down silos and creating more opportunity for success. Leaders must articulate the vision and direction of the business consistently for their followers to trust and understand the acumen of the business.

In the old story employees did not know of


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