Microclimate Assessment of My Garden

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My microclimate report of My Garden
Microclimate is the climate of a small area within a larger area, my garden. I was given the task of investigating the microclimate of my garden and recording what I found. The warmest place was site 3 with a temperature of 13 degrees Celsius In site 3 there is a low albedo so heat is absorbed therefore the temperature is higher here on a warm day the aspect of this site is south west so this results in this part of the garden being warmer, because places facing the sun are warmer than those in the shadows, in Britain the sun rises in the east and moves through the south, so at midday the sun would be directly facing south making my garden hotter. We use this to an advantage by setting seats up in the
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As an individual this investigation has benefitted me by learning how to use the equipment and my eyes correctly to measure the microclimate, drawing and understanding maps skills and it has given me a better understanding of various factors of microclimate and my garden. I selected sites across the whole of my garden, front, back and side passages, giving a good range of areas and I came to a clear conclusion that microclimate does exist in my garden therefore achieving a successful result in my investigation.
However; there were some limitations to the investigation. When collecting the wind speed it can sometimes be limited due to strong gust of winds at certain points during the investigation. To try and stop this I measured the wind speed on the wind speed measuring device I have at home when there was not a strong gust of wind. If I measured it during a strong gust of wind the wind speed will be faster than if there was no gust of wind. At home I had a wind speed measuring device so I used this to conduct the investigation of wind speed I let it adjust to the area for 2 minutes first before holding it into the wind. However: sometimes I may not have held it directly into the wind as it can slightly vary. When holding it straight into the wind you can get an accurate reading of the wind speed, but if it is not held directly into the wind then the wind speed measuring device may not have picked up the wind speed fully.