What I learned in the six weeks in HMNT 1001-10

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What I learned in the six weeks in HMNT 1001-10
Kimberly Allen
Walden University

What I learned in the six weeks in HMNT 1001-10

Before this course, I had no clue how I was going to manage learning in college. All I knew, I wanted to go. I wanted to improve myself no matter how naive I was. Presently, it is the end of the class. But it is only the beginning for me at Walden University, and because of this course, I now know what to expect and what to do to be a successful Walden student ( State tax liens - myFICO® Forums. (n.d.)). In this essay, I will describe what HMNT 1001-10 Living and Learning in a technical world has taught me in the last six weeks.

Week one was a little tense for me. But after
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Again in week four, there were assessments to help guide the direction of college learning. With this, the math quiz made me very thankful I have all the resources I need available to me. I just have to make certain I routinely use the help specified for me. My math assessment score suggested my knowledge was with less of half the material taught in Math0090. And it also pointed out there are resources at the Library to help me brush up on my skills. Equally important, the technology test showed, I am rather primed and experienced at using certain technology applications (Walden University (2014 e)). And, that I will be able to use and sharpen these skills while taking my courses (: obxhistory - home - Wikispaces. (n.d.)). And, as an online student, using technology will be easy for me. However, I need to stay knowledgeable about evolving technologies uses, and acquire the skills to use them to benefit future learning (Walden University 2014f). Continually, I learned how different ways of media, such as Facebook, or videos, can bring personalities together to make their word known about injustices of today’s society. What is more interesting is how the quick growth of technology has changed the collaboration of human involvement. We communicate with people from all over the world online as if they were as close as our next door neighbor (Spa