Tda36-1.2 Explain the Importance of Promoting the Rights of All Children and Young People to Participation and Equality of Access.

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Task 1
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It is important that children and young people are allowed to exercise their rights and choices, whilst health and safety requirements are maintained. This can lead to a dilemma when children and young people wish to undertake a task that you may feel is not within their capabilities, or that is not safe for them to do so

What are your feelings about this statement?

I believe that all children should be able to participate in activities that will broaden their horizons such as school outings. Children who have specific or extra needs should always be included and an appropriate tailored version of the activity should be applied. As a parent , I would want every risk evaluated to ensure
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Many hazards are apparent, e.g. children slipping over and hurting themselves, wet floors inside as all the children come in to change, lots of dripping wet shoes and clothes cluttered over the floors, trip hazard. With any large group activity outside of usual school practices would require a risk assessment with prior permission from parents, and the use of appropriate clothing.

You have taken a group of 7-8 year olds to the woods and they want to climb the trees. a- Let them all find a tree and challenge them to climb as high as they can b- Refuse to allow them and ask them to collect sticks instead c- Having anticipated the request in advance, find the tree you identified as suitable and allow them to try one at a time, after discussing the risks involved.

Unfortunately as there are very large year groups in the school, we couldn’t accommodate 60 children to take it in turns to climb a tree, supervised by and adult with the other children getting bored and restless. Not to mention the obvious risks of a falling injury to the child and crush injury to the supervising adult. The school would feel the risks were too great.

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