Compare and Contrast Paper

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Compare and Contrast Paper on Christian Counseling Methods
By: John M Shisler
For: CCOU 201 – D10 Summer 2014

Christian counselors are doing God’s work and must use the Spiritual Gifts with which they were blessed to be able to reach their clients. While it may be difficult to always reach a client right away, when a Christian counselor can be effective and help someone understand what God desires for them, it can be a very fulfilling and satisfying experience. But the Christian counselor must know what method they plan to use with each client and figure out quickly if they need to switch methods to become more effective in reaching the client.
As is the case with secular counseling, Christian Counseling has many
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Depending on a person’s culture, that can help determine their self-worth, their own significance within their culture, and how secure they feel within their culture because of their place in society. Christian counseling can be used to help them understand that God views everyone, no matter what skin color, age, or social class, as equal and as His children. Christian counseling may have differing concepts from RCCT, CBT, and REBT at times. All counseling concepts, however, look to assist the client in their lives. By using the methods together, the Christian counselor may be able to find that the client is more receptive to the advice that is being given to them and more apt to act on that advice.
Part III: Basic Strategy The main strategy of Christian counseling is to help the client identify issues going on in the client’s life and how the client can improve their actions to be more like Christ. Identifying issues, behaviors, mindsets surrounding actions can help to change a person’s actions when the same situation may arise in the future. As Crabb (1977) states, one of the most important strategies later in counseling is to “plan what your client will do differently now that his thinking has changed” (p. 157). The importance of identifying the poor thinking processes and figuring out how to correct those processes cannot be understated. Just because the thinking has been


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