WK 2 Research Article Analysis Paper

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Research Article Analysis
Angie Downs
December 1, 2014

Research Article Analysis
This research article analysis is over the article Undergraduate student researchers, preferred learning styles, and basic science research: A winning combination which is published in the Clearing House Journal and written by Lori Woeste and Beverly Barham. This article can also be found in Week One Electronic Reserve Readings. In this analysis a summary of the article will be provided, the type of information discussed in the article will be given, as well as if the information in this article should be considered reliable and valid.
This article is based on basic science research and the role that a team
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Due to the fact that all research should be documented, SR2 was able to contribute to the documentation aspect of the research (Woeste & Barham, 2012). In the end, SR2 was also able to contribute in a manner that benefited the project as well as suited his or her preferred learning style just as SR1 was and together the two complemented one another. Since both students preferred auditory learning least, they were both given sample question that he or she may encounter during the presentation as a way to ease nerves and prepare. The next section of this article explains how SR1 and SR2 did during the presentation. Both students answered questions and provided information in a manner that was in coherence with each of their learning styles. SR1 spoke with hand gestures, motions, and simulated steps in the laboratory while SR2 referred to the visual poster used in the delivery of the presentation to provide information and answer questions (Woeste & Barham, 2012). The last section of this article includes the conclusion and in findings that were discovered throughout this project. Throughout this project, the authors discovered that taking a learning-center approach, students are able to learn better and work together more efficiently because it attempts to “contextualize the construct of learning styles, with the ultimate goal of improving pedagogical practice” (Woeste & Barhman, 2012, p. 65).
Reliability or Validity
This article


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