Welfare Drug Testing

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Welfare Drug Testing

Trevor Brooks,

SOC 110


In today’s America, government aid is highly depended on. The US government has spent $498 billion dollars this year on welfare alone. The state of Tennessee has an average of 250,000 residents on welfare and has $3 billion dollars this year alone. To help cut costs and help tax payers, 36 states, including Tennessee, have proposed a bill to drug test all welfare recipients. Since the beginning of the year, the welfare rate has jumped 7 percent while at the same time, the welfare funds are drying up. Tennessee funds have dropped 17.5 percent, which comes out to be about $215.3 million dollars this year. State lawmakers have proposed that if drug users on welfare are
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If a person fails the test, a 1 year penalty follows. The penalty is a restriction in cash benefits for a year. If there are any minor children, money for the child can be redeemed by another adult outside of the home.

Drug testing recipients is a major obstacle to hurdle. Drug tests are expensive and the number of welfare recipients is overwhelming. All recipients do not use drugs, therefore, only a portion of the population have issues with the harmful illegal issues called drugs causing innocent people to be tested. Drug testing is a waste of taxpayers’ money along with the time put into doing so.

Republican Tennessee State Representative Sheila Butt of Columbia is sponsoring one of the bills that would mandate drug testing for Welfare recipients. This bill will require you to be tested periodic for your blood and urine. The recipients that are being tested will be charged for the test. If the recipients refuse to take or fail the test recipients will not be eligible to get welfare. If you volunteer to come in and ask for assistance then you should be willing to volunteer to take a drug test. Some say if those on welfare are going to be required to undergo drug testing, everyone getting taxpayer’s money should be including elected officials like Representative Butt. “Why aren’t they drug tested, what makes them so special?” asked Quails. The bill for drug testing on Welfare recipients will be named “Welfare Integrity Act”


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