Vulnerability Assesment

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Pick three locations, events or individuals in your location (county, city or state) and complete a 6 - 8 page assessment of their vulnerabilities and threats, putting their security in order of priority, explaining and defending your choices.

Terrorism vulnerability assessments were created to criticize any “Achilles’ heel” in a security system that can be exploited by anyone willing to do harm to the location, an individual, or coordinated event. It assesses the weaknesses of facilities across a wide range of possible threats or hazards and creates a basis for determining physical and operational improvement measures to assure their protection. It administers both to new construction programming and design and to existing
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In order to be prepared the plant should have access to the protected area is restricted to a portion of plant employees and monitored visitors, with stringent access barriers. The vital area is further restricted, with additional barriers and access requirements. The security must comply with Nuclear Regulatory Commission requirements on pre-hiring investigations and training. Once hired, the plant’s security should perform exercises and be trained in defensive strategies against a possible attack, by doing so the security team should know how to protect against the theft of nuclear material, be able to defend against an attack from one or more teams and defend from multiple access points, investigate possible threats from an employee, and lastly have a plan against a vehicle based attack. These exercises should be monitored in order to spot possible areas for improvement, for example the exercises can have an attack team from outside the plant attempting to breach the plant’s vital area and damage key safety mechanism. Security defensive teams participating in the controlled exercises can possibly carry weapons modified to fire paint cartridges or only blanks and laser bursts to simulate bullets, and they wear laser sensors to show hits. Other weapons and explosives, as well as destruction or breaching of physical security barriers, can also be