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Due: Prior to Class Week 5

Instructions: Please read Friedman’s Chapter “Clarifying What’s Important to You” (in course packet). Then, answer the following questions. Note: Your submission should be 3 double-spaced pages in length (1 inch margins and font size 12).

1. The Friedman reading provides a list of core values on pages 46-48. Identify three to five values that are most important to you and explain how these values have influenced key decisions you have made in your life.

2. Describe an ethically challenging situation that you experienced in which you spoke up, and one in which you did not speak up. What did you do (or not do), and what was the result in each case? What factors
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I truly believe that from this place can a virtuous life be realized.
Another inherently human value that could be observed and that I full embody is the insatiable thirst for adventure, novelty and a certain quality of presence. Whether in the workplace or outside or it, life’s situations are to be approached with cheerful readiness, humor, and an eager excitement. Every moment is pregnant with growth, opportunity and potentiality but one cannot tap into that fully with a hesitant, anxiously suspicious and halfhearted state of mind. I feel there is a fundamental law that displays its power regardless of one’s belief or disbelief in its subtle inner and outer workings. This is simply a rule that could be stated as such “What you put out will inevitable come back to you full circle”. Now this sound like something many people may refer to as fate or karma or whatever other religious or secular principle one feels fits the label. However, I feel like these terms are just loaded words and can confuse rather than elucidate. I believe it is a lot simpler than that: the energy and the attitude with which you approach any situation, person or outcome is most likely how it will be ultimately be manifested in the outside world to your benefit or to your detriment. Now this definition is highly tentative and provisional but it isn’t something that could be merely described and delineated with a few sentences of appropriate


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