Benjamin Franklin Virtue Essay

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Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea to make his life better by trying to be perfect in every way. This can otherwise be known as trying to reach a state of moral perfection, in which one could find themselves being happy with the life they live, and also living a pure, sinless life. It has come to be questioned if attempting to achieve moral perfection is a worthwhile goal. In the end of his experiment he ended up not being able to reach or achieve his goal but learned a very crucial, very valuable lesson. He discovered throughout the recesses of his journey that achieving his goal would be found to be impossible, but in turn he learned that many of the virtues are good to try and maintain during everyday activities and through life …show more content…

Last but not least, it is believed that the most importantly crucial virtue in anyone’s life is Order. During Benjamin Franklin’s test to see if he could reach moral perfections he found order to be the most difficult for him. “Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time.” This in simpler terms means to have a place for everything, and keep everything in its place, and to have an orderly schedule so as not to run late on tasks. Without order, daily routines would be nearly impossible to complete. Without being able to see what needs to be done throughout the day, people find it more challenging to manage their time well enough to get each task done successfully. On a much larger stand point, without order, nations themselves would become chaotic and fall to ruin. Most political systems depend on order to keep their citizens under control and to carry out their laws or restrictions to ensure the safety of everyone under their rule. Another downfall that would occur without order would be nothing ever getting done. Order helps people see what needs to get done and when they should do it. When people have this information they are more likely to work more efficiently and get work done quicker. To finalize, Benjamin Franklin came up with an idea to make his life


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