Applying Virtue Ethics to Mattel Inc. Global Manufacturing Principles

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Abstract In this paper I will analyze the case study of Mattel Inc. and their Global Manufacturing Principles (GMP) and applying it to three different virtue ethics; fairness, honesty and justice. Then I will apply deontology, “always act in such a way that you can also will that the maxim of your action should become a universal law. Public concerns about worker exploitation and environmental degradation arose with the expansion of outsourcing and production in emerging economies where poverty, abundant labor, and need for job creation provided unprecedented opportunities for large multinational corporation (MNCs) to shift production from high-wage countries to low-wage countries. Starting with isolated complaints from …show more content…

It is, indeed a character trait—that is, a disposition which is well entrenched in its possessor Hursthouse (2012). In 1997 the establishment of Mattel Independent Monitoring Council Mattel’s GMP called for the creation of an independently and externally based monitoring system that would verify Mattel’s compliance with its code of conduct in a manner that would be credible to the public and engender trust in Mattel’s GMP-related performance claims. The exploratory process within Mattel led the company to identify Prof. S. Prakash Sethi as someone who could help the company in creating a credible process of code implementation that would be trusted by the public. Sethi had long been identified as a strong advocate of voluntary codes of conduct, provided they could be implemented in an effective and transparent manner, and where companies could be held accountable for compliance Sethi, (2003). After some serious soul searching, Sethi conveyed his willingness to work with Mattel. The company would commit itself to three initiatives in implementing the code. 1. The GMP-related compliance efforts by Mattel, its strategic partners, and primary suppliers would be audited by an independent outside group of respected and knowledgeable experts. This group would have complete access to all the facilities, workers, and supervisors, and payroll and financial records pertaining to the plants owned and operated by Mattel, its strategic partners, and primary