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Answer Sheet—Module 6 Lab
Gene Expression
View the following animation about gene switches: 1. What does the yellow part of the DNA represent? The yellow part of the DNA is use for coding. It only expressed if RNApolymerase lands on gene’s promotor and makes mRNA from the gene.

2. What does the pink part of the DNA represent? The DNA promoter

3. What needs to land on the pink part in order for the gene to be expressed? RNA Polymerase

4. What do the blue, red and green parts of the DNA represent? Regulator switches

5. What are the functions of the blue, red, and green
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Choices of Diet
b. Toxins: ie: Alcohol consumption and Smoking
c. Exercise Habits
Endosymbiotic Hypothesis View the following animation about the endosymbiotic hypothesis: 1. What is the probable origin of the endoplasmic reticulum and the nuclear membrane of eukaryotic cells? It is thought that the probably origin of the ER and nuclear membrane of eukaryotic cells actually came from infoldings of a plasma membrane of an ancestral prokaryotic cell. Energy producing bacteria may have been engulfed by a larger primitive cell and reside within it, evolving into Mitochondria.
2. Define the term Endosymbiont.
Microorganisms that live within other cells and perform specific functions for their host cells.

3. List 4 facts that support the endosymbiotic theory: a. Mitochondria & chloroplasts have their own circular DNA, similar to that in bacteria. b. Mitochondria & chloroplasts are surrounded by two membranes, the inner membrane evolved from plasma membrane, outer membrane derived from cell membrane of host. c. Mitochondria are about the same size as bacteria. d. Mitochondria appear to be derived from purple bacteria and chloroplasts appear to be derived from photosynthetic bacteria. Now view another animation about endosymbiosis: 4. Name two ways in which