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Lakshay Jain
Carol Newell
Business and Its Publics: Discourse
2 March 2014
The Imperfect System To Bike

It is never easy to do good for the society. It comes with many complications. Money, effort, oppositions. It is never easy and especially to do it in New york city, the centre of all economic opportunities, just makes it even more difficult. It all started in 2006, under the leadership of former mayor, Michael Bloomberg, when “the city planning department conducted a survey of city bicycle commuters and recreational cyclists in 2006”( Lyon 4) to see the feasibility of NYC city bike share program. The main intention or rather the main motive for introducing a bike share program was to “maximise efficiency of existing mass
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The one possible option, in which government could look into is the one of full public operation. Though it does call for drastic and extreme measures. By going through with the option government has to terminate its contract with Alta bike share and there will be changes in the prices of user fees, to break even with the revenue. Its not an easy option to take and it is asking a lot from the government.
Earlier, Alta was responsible for raising the money for the program on its own from whoever sponsor they want. Private companies work with a certain attitude towards all the projects they take. They have a net positive approach. A company investing in a project has the main target of always making a certain profit. Considering this, it can be said to have both pros and cons on the further development on the expansion of project. The net positive approach attitude though does make them work more efficiently and may provide better service too, but at the same time it might make them focus too much on the profits due to which, the main motive of providing service to the people of New York City will be
Jain 5 overshadowed. Choosing a fully public operation can probably provide an advantage in regards of this issue, because, “government is of the people and for the people”, but then again are they really? Plus, considering the huge number of groups against the bikeshare program,