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Unit One Individual Assignment
Terrance Rowland
Kaplan University
GB601-03N: MBA Capstone
Professor: Richard Rowlett
November 11, 2013

Unit One Individual Assignment
Decision Making Ethics in the Current Marketplace
In examining the correlation between the manner in which we conduct business and the principles to which we personally ascribe, it is undeniable that we are inextricably impacted by our respective familial upbringings, social environments and academic influences. Because values play such an important role in our lives, being able to recognize, understand and articulate one’s own values set becomes critical in sound decision making. Additionally, the ability to identify an employer’s corporate
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Ethics: Maintain the highest standards with customers, team members, stockholders and our communities:
Value and reward open, honest, two-way communication.
Be accountable for, and proud of, your conduct and your decisions.
Only make promises you intend to keep – do what you say you’ll do.
If things change, let people know.
Avoid any actual or perceived conflict of interest.
Comply with the letter and the spirit of the law.
Customer Satisfaction: Consider the customer in all we do:
Exceed the expectations of internal and external customers – surprise and delight them.
Do what’s right for the customer.
Talk and act with the customer in mind.
Build long-term customer relationships.
Treat customers with care.
Leadership and Personal Accountability: Every team member who contributes to the company’s success should:
Take prudent risks.
Lead by example.
Make decisions locally, close to the customer.
Know your numbers.
Consider customers, shareholders, team members and community needs when formulating decisions.
Care about each other.
Diversity: Respect differences among team members, customers and individual communities:
Earn mutual trust by supporting our corporate values for promoting diversity in both the workforce and the company base.
Take advantage of and learn from different perspectives presented.
Support the diversity of team members, customers and communities.


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