The Vision Failed

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The Vision Failed
Question 1:
If I were to consult with the HTE board of director soon after Harold started making changes,
I would advise them, regarding the transformational perspective, to follow carefully how
Harold is implementing these. In fact, to benefit from those changes and achieve Harold’s goal, the board of director should encourage him to adopt a transformational leadership.
First of all, to be such a leader, Harold would have to be an example in the company. As a leader, he should inspire trust and communicate a clear vision on the changes he wants to make in the company and why. Moreover, those changes would rather emerge from the common interest and not from Harold only. The board should encourage Harold to review
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They are the competent agent articulating the organization and expressing strong ideals. Harold failed this mission. He wasn’t able to fit together different parts of the organization. Whether Harold should have created trust and be predictable, he was a mystery and an arbitrary manager.
In addition, to be a reliable change agent, they have to listen to followers and accept criticisms. Harold should have cooperated with his team for them to trust him and believe in his ideas. On the contrary, at one point Harold appeared careless to employees’ concerns, which is the opposite behavior of an effective change agent.
To continue, we should define a social architect: “This means they created a shape or form for the shared meanings people maintained within their organizations” (Peter G. Northouse chapter 9 “Transformational leadership p197). A social architect is also here to help people find their role in the new company’s identity. They need to understand how to contribute to the vision of the organization. Unfortunately employees lost this vision because of Harold actions. Employees couldn’t identify themselves to him and disconnected to HTE. They did not know which future, or new values and norms to expect for the company. Harold lost his employees whereas he was supposed to lead them into this transformation.
To finish with, an active change agent, as a social architect, would appear effective by working with others by listening to them, encouraging


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