To What Extent Is a Counsellor More Than Just a Good Listener? in Your Discussion We Would Like You to Draw on Key Elements That Form the Practise of Counselling. in Addition We Would Like You to Consider Your Own

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To what extent is a counsellor more than just a good listener? In your discussion we would like you to draw on key elements that form the practise of counselling. In addition we would like you to consider your own qualities and skills and identify what you need to do to progress in the profession.

This century has seen a rise in counselling services. We have counsellors for specific diseases, addictions, depression, divorce, name the problem and we seem to have a ‘therapist’ for it. So what are counsellors? Do we need them? Is that not what friends and family are for, to listen and help us through difficult times? Is a counsellor just a ‘paid friend’?
Can anyone be a counsellor? After all anyone can listen, we do it all the
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Knowledge of interventions coupled with the ability to assess their effectiveness and to see where they fit into the wider picture of the client’s experience is good working practice and encourages a good therapeutic relationship.
McLeod 1990 reviewed research as did Orlinsky et al1994 showing that, the better the relationship with the counsellor, the more positive the outcome for the client. Agnew et al 1994 found that a counsellor’s willingness to explore any tensions and to accept any responsibility for problems in the therapeutic relationship, working towards repairing the relationship where necessary, is crucial as it also helps clients establish if there are parallels in life and how they can be worked out.
Of course, people are individuals and, with so many therapeutic approaches and therapist styles, not all will suit everybody. As found while following links on the course discussion forum, therapy is a subjective experience, highlighted by the different views expressed regarding individual counsellors on the course DVD. Whilst some students found the male counsellor wooden and the female more relaxed and focused, others regarded the lady as appearing critical and found the male more relaxed. However, when an individual is referred by their GP, they often have no choice regarding which therapist they see.