Three Strategies That You Can Use as a Clinical Research Coordinator

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Describe three strategies that you can use as a clinical research coordinator that will significantly reduce the error in data that you collect.
Error is inevitable. How many times have you made a dish from a recipe something has not been deviated. Maybe you were low on flour and had to substitute cornstarch or you did not have almond abstract and had to use lemon. The result may have looked like the picture but I’m sure the taste varied. In research we take limited samples of the population to make it paint a picture of the whole. A site could recruit 100 heart patients and use the information gathered to try to aid the population of 500,000 heart patients worldwide. Is the information true information of the whole or just a
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I sat down with the patient later that day and really thought about how the patient acted upon enrollment. The patient disclosed to me earlier that he smoked about 2 packs of cigarettes a day and had not had a cigarette in about 3 days. He stated that he was growing agitated because he could not leave the hospital room and go smoke. He passed every task presented before him and remained cranky because he was suffering from nicotine withdrawal – not dementia. What if the research personnel placed the statement of “demential” in a written patient log? It would have been inferred information. There is no documentation anywhere of this diagnosis and frankly we don’t have the training to make this kind of diagnosis. This is made up information. According to information presented by the Sociology department at Rutgers, “Made-up information happens when one fills in details without a scientific basis for doing so,” the department states. As researchers, we have to fill in a lot details; this is called inferring. The problem is that some inferring isn't based in science; instead, it's based in stereotype and speculation.” The simples remedy to this research error is to just ask. While I do not believe that this is a major research error, I do believe that it happens enough that it could have some impact on statistical information. If this problem is monitored it could yield a better crop of data for


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