Nvq2 Business and Administration Unit 2 Assessment Equipment Use in an Office. Vision 2learn

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1. Describe the main types of equipment found in offices and how they are used. Include examples of at least three different types of office equipment.

Computers. They are used for creating and saving documents using office software like: Microsoft word, (or the free option Open office Writer). Microsoft excel for spreadsheets used for data entry, accounting, data analysing (the free equivalent exist with Open office spreadsheets). Microsoft office publisher is a program used to create and edit flyers, newsletters and brochure as well as websites. They are many different graphic programs that can be used for producing brochures and flyers from Photoshop page plus, Serif page plus, and some free software like Gimp, Paint.net .
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2. Explain the purpose of following manufacturer’s instructions when using equipment.

Failure to follow the proper instructions can result in damage or injury, or failure to get the proper outcome. If a piece of equipment is misused not only it may be damaged but the guarantee that comes with it may not be valid in case of repair.
In case of an accident compensation may be refused if it is proven that the equipment instructions were not followed properly. If the piece of equipment is damaged the person who has misused it could be made liable for the repair cost.

3. Explain the purpose of keeping equipment clean, hygienic and ready for the next user.

When an employee start his working day and has to use equipment he should not have to start the day by cleaning the dirt a colleague has left behind as the second employee may become resentful and de-motivated.
If two employees work on the same file it is essential that they keep the place tidy or document will be misplaced and lost and the second employee may make mistakes because of it even if he/she is not at fault..
When people share an office they should be aware of the importance of hygiene not only in the canteen or the toilets but in the office as well. Not only dirty equipment may transfer infection but they will stop working properly in the long run.
If an employee consistently eats at his desk and drop crumbs of bread and small particles of food on the keyboard