Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

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Juicing It Up Joe Cross was one made who made a choice, a choice to change. He was over a hundred pounds overweight, had an autoimmune disease that constantly got in the way of his life, and was taking loads of different medicines to fight off all his conditions that were brought on by both the weight and his autoimmune disease. So, this one man started a journey, a journey across America for sixty days drinking nothing but juice. This one man, not only saved his own life, but also through reaching out to others, began to help others begin their own journeys to a healthier, happier life. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead is a documentary by Joe Cross directed towards to an overweight, unhealthy audience of fast-food world corporate America. …show more content…

He only focuses on the deteriorating effects of a fast-food diet and the benefits of a juice fast, and no other alternatives. However, everything Joe Cross claims in Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is extremely convincing to his audience from watching his own success to listening to credible information and opinions from leading health experts. Nothing is more powerful in this film than watching Joe Cross’s transformation from over three hundred pounds and a healthy active man. Throughout his entire journey, Joe grabs his audience’s attention and emotions by wanting and cheering for him to achieve his goal. By making his audience ask hard questions, he immediately gets at their emotions. Joe begins his documentary by sharing how he had his priorities all wrong, with work and fun at the top and his health at the bottom. His choice of music and people that he interviewed completely set the mood for the film. He plays melancholy music all doing the hardest part of his journey and others’ journeys, like Phil Staples, and encouraging music while showing their successes. Joe Cross gives Phil a shirt at the beginning of his journey for him to have something to look out in order to achieve his goal and at the end the audience is shown Phil running in that same shirt. Scenes like this, throughout the documentary grasp the audience in a moving way in order to provide motivation to begin their own journey.


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