The Need to Belong

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It is an inherent part of human nature to want to belong
Belonging as defined by the Oxford dictionary is a multifaceted concept, yet being every individual’s inherent desire to belong. Belonging is a universal concept. Those who don’t find a sense of belonging are certain to find themselves under the destructive cycle of isolation and self-alienation. Peter Skrzynecki’s “Immigrant Chronicles” serves to highlight the basic fundamental desire to belong and the importance it holds on each individual. This notion is further explored with Skrzynecki’s poems “St Patrick’s College”, “Feliks Skrzynecki” and Gabrielle Muccino’s 21st century film “Pursuit of Happyness”. The notion of belonging being an inherent part of human nature is extensively
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This is revealed through close ups of Garner’s emotion, and a transition of views and perspectives as people around hum are amongst another with delight written on their faces. “Everyone looks so damn happy, why can’t I look like that?” This rhetorical question placed within the scene encapsulates Garner’s inherent desire to belong and the challenges placed against due to his financial difficulties and placing amongst society. This serves to highlight the importance of one’s inherent desire to belong s it is explored through a film. Cinematic techniques coincide to produce a more sympathetic connection with the audience. Use of a musical underscore occur throughout the film as a motif of inspiration and hope to achieve that desire of belonging and “Happyness”. “Lord don’t move that mountain” by Mahalia Joshon serves to reveal the desire of one’s sense of belonging, and this thematic technique is applied through scenes of hope for achievement. Alongside of this musical underscore, there is as well a song of stronger meaning by Stevie Wonder “Till I reach my higher ground”. Again being a motif of inspiration and ability for excel to reach his place and “highest ground”. Throughout the film, there’s a recognizable sense of belonging and achievement that becomes evident through strong imagery. A meaningful image present in the opening film reveals Garner amongst other civilians like himself but an exclusion of placing and belonging. This is achieved


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