Ls102: Introduction to Law Unit 4 Kaplan

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Unit 4 Assignment

ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct

Alisha Ricketts

LS102: Introduction to Law

Professor Stephen Renick

Kaplan University

May 21, 2013

The American Bar Association developed the Model Rules of Professional Conduct so that American lawyers can know the basic standards of legal ethics and professional responsibility. There are certain rules that would be most important to lawyers, and also for law firms. Rule 1.6 of the model rules involves confidentiality of information, and it is a vital rule to follow when dealing with a client that may-be guilty. Rule 1.9 of the model rules deals with the duties to former clients. Then
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(ABA, n.d) For example, when a lawyer leaves the firm or if the firm is disbanded, “the lawyer still has an obligation to let his/her clients know that they are leaving. Confidentiality is still a major aspect even if the lawyer is no longer working for the firm, and unless the lawyer has the consent of the client, he or she cannot say anything regarding what the client tells him or her, the same applies to a law firm as well.” (Shely, 2005)

Rule 5.7 refers to responsibilities regarding law-related services. “The term "law-related services" denotes services that might reasonably be performed in conjunction with and in substance are related to the provision of legal services, and that are not prohibited as unauthorized practice of law when provided by a non-lawyer.” (ABA, n.d) A law firm operates an ancillary business that provides professional services to clients. The ancillary business conform its conduct to Rule 5.7 and takes great care to assure that its clients understand that the ancillary business is distinct from the law firm and does not offer legal services. (Johns, 2001) Lawyers and non-lawyer professionals are partners in the ancillary business, sharing fees and jointly making