The Movie Departed

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The Departed The movie I have chosen to do my project on is the movie “ The Departed.” The characters play an important role in the movie showing various criminal acts that they chose to play out. In my essay I will talk about the crime that is being taken place in the movie, Merton theory on Anomie, Strain, and the Social, Cultural, Economic source of organized crime. I believe these theories define the characters personality in the movie.

The movie “ The Departed” is a movie about Two Boston State police Officers that both share different opinions about the law. The two are Undercover in the State Police, the one happens to be working with the Irish Mafia (Matt Damon) and the other happens to be a real undercover police officer
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His theory was based on the distinction between culturally defined goals and the norms that regulate the means to achieve those goals. His goals are the values of purpose and interest that culture holds as legitimate objectives for all members of society. The means on Merton’s theory, he thought the norms, which describe as acceptable ways to reach cultural goals.

The other theory I have chosen is “ Social, Cultural, and Economic sources of organized crime.” This theory talks about the enactment of legislation that prohibits the consumption of widely demanded goods and services has produced vast profits for people willing to supply those goods and services. Organized crime was triggered. During the 1920’s alcohol was banned from the United States. The Mob then proceeded to expand and make money by illegal gambling and drug distribution. It is believed that loan sharks were linked to organize crimes and profits of illegal drug trade. The mob would also use loan sharks, to lend money to financial institutions and would add an interest rate that was higher then average.

I think both of the theories fit the crime that the criminals were doing in the movie. Specially “ Social, Cultural, and Economic sources of organized crime”, the movie was about the Irish mafia and this theory mainly talks about organized crime. The Criminals in the movie were collecting money from different sources of business. In the beginning of the movie they


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