Preserving Manovo-Gounda St Floris National Park

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Preserving Manovo-Gounda St Floris National Park
Introduction to Life Science (Axia) SCI/230

The threat to Manovo-Gounda St floris National Park is overwhelming and should be of great concern. Manovo-Gounda St floris National Park was designated as a World heritage Park because of its unique natural formations and its endangered species. For this reason special attention should be made to help save and preserve the forest and the wild life that resides on the land.

According to the web site that the Park is said to occupy “most of the eastern end of Bamingui-Bangoran province in the north of the country, and its boundary on the north is the international border
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So we can see that urbanization is not a risk for the forest at all. According to the Central African Republic many efforts have been made to help protect the wild life and the land that they use for there home from illegal cattle herding and poaching of the animals by trying to improve management for the park. “In the past Manovo-Gounda St Floris National Park was said to be the best protected in the country (CAR, 1987).” “The FAO has also been working with the Central African Republic to improve wildlife management. Many have seen the need of help in improving the parks management to protect the park. Recommendations are also being made by a series of successive studies (Temporal,1985; Barber et al. 1980).”

The majority of the existing management effort goes into limiting illegal poaching by hunters and putting a stop to illegal grazing from cattle within the park borders. This is with the little help they have to protect the park. Some army support is provided for anti-poaching work, but this has been infrequent and temporary (IUCN,1988, If this is so, I do not understand why there is not that many staff members for