The Innocence Project

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Title: The Innocence Project

Author: Naomi Douglas

Date: 9th March 2012

Contents * The Innocence Project Organisation

* Death Row

* Two Cases

* Niamh Gunn

* YouTube, Books

* References

The Innocence Project Organisation:
This Organisation is a non-profit Legal organisation dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted people through DNA testing and reforming the criminal justice system to prevent future injustices. The Innocence Project was established in a landmark study by the United States Department of Justice and the United States Senate in conjunction with the Benjamin N.Cardozo School of Law, which found that incorrect identification by eyewitnesses was a factor in over 70% of
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While DNA testing was developed through extensive scientific research at top academic centres, many other forensic techniques such as hair microscopy, bite mark comparisons and shoe print comparisons have never been subjected to accurate scientific evaluation. Meanwhile, forensics techniques that have been properly validated such as serology, commonly known as blood typing are sometimes improperly conducted or inaccurately conveyed in trial testimony. In some cases, forensic analysts have fabricated results or engaged in other misconduct. All of these problems constitute invalid or improper forensic science, which is the second-greatest contributor to wrongful convictions that have been overturned with DNA testing. In more than 50% of DNA exonerations, invalidated or improper forensic science contributed to the wrongful conviction.
DNA exonerations are a window into the effect of invalidated or improper forensic science contributing to wrongful convictions, DNA does not solve the problem. In fact, experts estimate that only 5-10% of all criminal cases involve biological evidence that could be subjected to DNA testing. In the other 90-95% of crimes, DNA testing is not an option – so the criminal justice system relies on other kinds of evidence, including forensic disciplines that may not be properly conducted. Alejandro Dominguez was Sixteen years old when he was convicted in Illinois of a rape he didn’t commit. In addition to an eyewitness misidentification,


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