The Importance of Education

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The Importance of Education
Kandace L. Cottrell
Eng 102
Normand Hays

The Importance of Education
Why do we say that everyone must obtain an education to be successful in life? This is one of many questions that people ask about education. Some people ask: what does acquiring an education do for someone that just wants to go to work after he or she finishes high school? He or she may think that it is possible just to graduate from high school and start working. Well it is possible, in some occupations but for those people who want to have a large amount of money and have the best job, well they need an education. I will talk about many reasons that an education is important and many things that will affect his or her life
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Something else to think about is what will you be without with just having a high school education. I can tell you that its not easy working and living from week to week. My husband does not even have a high school education and its hard for him. That is why I have decided to work as hard as I can to finish my college. I do not care how long it take I need my college degree to better my life and my sons life. What choice will you make?
When having an education it can build your confidence because than you know that if you want to apply for a job and they ask for your education that you have an education to write on the application instead of leaving it blank. An education can get you better jobs because you have a degree in something. You may have a degree to be a teacher but something may come up and he or she may be promoted to a principal in the school because of your education. There are many things that can help you get better jobs if you just have an education. The higher your degree is the more money you can make. Someone that has a bachelor’s degree in teaching may earn less than someone that has a master’s degree in teaching.
Think about this if everyone in this world decided to graduate high school and never go to college, how would


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