The Hearts of Men

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The ways of men are broad in their spectrum, Shakespeare has shown me this. I have seen the most devious acts and have witnessed men in heroic acts in dramatic display of courageous ascension. Nevertheless, there are ones who have achieved a level of mediocrity or complacency throughout his works, but all these states of action are relative as the minds that generate the impetus. The lowest of the low I have witnessed personally, in these works, and on an international scale. My interactions with fellow brothers has shown me this, what more can I say, some men are cowardly, self-centered, insert expletive here’s. But never have I met a greater one Neil Pal, a murderous self-righteous power hungry man who I once believed to be my friend. …show more content…

Jason pulled the trigger because Neil has and always will be a pussy. So at Frank’s funeral, Neil kissed frank’s mother and shook frank’s father’s hand. I wonder if the devil himself could do that. Whether Jason was there or not is outside my knowledge. They have both been arrested, proved to be accomplices in a murder beyond reasonable doubt, Jason got life with the death sentence and if he’s lucky might just do 25 to life, and Neil’s got more money than God so his bitch-ass is trying to cop a plea by snitching on everyone he knows is breaking Lackawanna county’s rules, and buddy, that’s a lot of fucking people. But karma always balances itself, since people in the state penitentiary know he’s singing like a Goddamn canary, they’ll be waiting him, he’s got 10-20 in the box, so if he’s not in solitary confinement he’s as good as dead. Every felon who gets the word from the outside to gut him like a fish is going to be living with him, and man, if any Mexican in La Familia sees that tattoo whether its Jason or Neil, will make sure to kill either one of them, I promise you. So yes, they took Frank from his loved ones, but now they will suffer for what they did. The rest of their lives will be an agonizing shitty experience, then the devil is going to swallow them whole, ‘nuff said. Enter a true hero, Cody Barasse, a classmate of mine, teammate, neighbor and above all else a man with one of the brightest minds I have ever met. With little to no effort he exceled


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