Ziqitza Health Care Limited (Zhl) Responding to Corruption

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Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL)
Responding to corruption

By: Chelsie Brantley
Salifu Cham
Donika Gibson
Ghofran Mahrouqi
Janeille Okpere

Course: BUAD 625: Organizational Leadership and Ethics
October 13, 2014
Ethical Issue:
Sweta Mangal, CEO and co-founder of Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL), an Emergency Medical Service (EMS) must decide how to respond to an official insisting that ZHL bribe him in order for him to release payment for ambulance services ZHL has provided. Mangal is confronted by a newly hired financial officer, Sanhay Rafati, who argues that if the bribe is not paid his office, will not be able to make payroll or maintain its ambulances, and that the company will face a terrible financial situation. The
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By the company declining, they would be ridding themselves of any form of conflict of interest. This alternative would also be ideal because it would expel the “dishonest” use of corporate funds for company benefits. This mainly addresses the use of corporate resources issue. On the other hand, ZHL can accept the offer by the government official to make the payment in order for the company to stay afloat financially. This decision can be argued both ways by saying that this is a completely selfish decision versus completely selfless decision. If accepted, ZHL will not have to worry about taking out any loans for payroll and in the same token, they will be able to provide more care to the general public and possibly save more lives. In regards to accepting the offer, this would confront the Corporate Social Responsibility ethical dilemma. Corporate social responsibility involves the company keeping the public health and safety in mind and acting accordingly. As stated above, if accepted for “selfish” reasons this can be regarded as a conflict of interest. The first two alternatives were explicitly stated in the case as well. However, there are other alternatives that ZHL can explore. Unlike the more direct alternatives, our final alternative involves speaking out against bribery in attempts to rally support in the community. This option indeed is the far opposite of a “quick