The Creamy Creations Take-over

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Case Study #1
The Creamy Creations Take-Over

The executives of Burger Barn have attempted to implement some new changes to Creamy Creations in a positive light. However, some of these changes risk having an impact on the rosy future they foresee for Creamy Creations. Currently, Creamy Creations is still profitable and the financial numbers have rose since they took over management, but there are few things I do not think Burger Barn put any consideration into when they looked at the current state of the business and the future they foresee if business continues down the glories trail it is on currently.

One of the things I feel Burger Barn did not consider when they predicted the future of Creamy Creations, is that Creamy Creations
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The tenets, in regard to Fayol’s theory of classical management, are division of labor, order, and span of control. Management created the three different work stations and thus is evidence of the division of labor. Another tenet of Fayol’s which is apparent is order. This principle goes hand in hand with the division of labor. All the employees had an appointed place within the organization. All the employees were considered creamy creators and then they all had a work station they were assigned to too either be an order taker, scooper, toppings or cashier, creating a work station quite like Subway. The third tenet which is not bluntly stated but implied is Span of control. Management is in control of a limited number of employees. This is implied because there could not be a large number of employees making ice cream treats.

Under Max Weber’s Theory of Bureaucracy, only one tenet was evident in Creamy Creations. This principle was the division of labor. Once again, management created “work stations” and assigned employees accordingly to the stations created.

Taylor’s theory of Scientific Management was evident as well. The first tenant evident was time and motion studies. Burger Barn executives watched the current operations of Creamy Creations before they implemented any changes. The time and motion study was used to find the most time efficient way to accomplish the task at hand. According to Burger Barn, the most efficient way was to make


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